Tuesday, April 04, 2006

List of Spring Finale Dates

I heard about some requests for a list of finale dates for this season. I'll try my best to compile a list of all the finale dates I can find. I'll keep adding to it once I find more so check back for updates.

May 1 (Monday): Supernanny
May 2 (Tuesday): According Jim, Blow Out, Hope & Faith, Teachers, Thief
May 3 (Wednesday): One Tree Hill
May 4 (Thursday): Supernatural
May 5 (Wednesday): Ghost Whisperer, Reba
May 7 (Sunday): Crossing Jordan (100th episode)
May 8 (Monday): 7th Heaven, What About Brian
May 9 (Tuesday): 8th & Ocean, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars
May 10 (Wednesday): Bedford Diar, Criminal Minds, Top Chef, Unanimous
May 11 (Thursday): American Inventor, Com. in Chief, Ev. Hates Chris
May 11 (Continued): My Name is Earl, Smallville, 70's Show, The Office
May 12 (Friday): Las Vegas
May 14 (Sunday): L&O: CI, Malcom, Simpsons, Survivor, West Wing
May 15 (Monday): How I Met YM, Grey's Anatomy, Medium, Prision Break
May 16 (Tuesday): Boston Legal, L&O: SVU, NCIS, Scrubs, The Unit
May 17 (Wednesday): Amazing Race, Bones, CSI: NY, Invasion
May 17 (Continued): America's Next Top Model, Law & Order
May 18 (Thursday): CSI, ER, The OC, Will & Grace, Without a Trace
May 19 (Friday): Close to Home, Conviction, Numbers
May 21 (Sunday): Charmed, Cold Case, Desperate Housewives
May 22 (Monday): 24, Alias, The Apprentice, CSI: Miami, Deal or No Deal
May 22 (Continued): King/Queens, Medium, Old Christine, Two & Half Men
May 23 (Tuesday): House
May 24 (Wednesday): American Idol, Lost
June 4 (Sunday): Big Love, The Sopranos
June 5 (Monday): Everwood

Updated 4.12.06, 4.17.05, 4.26.06, 5.01.06