Thursday, April 06, 2006

NFL to Announce Schedule Today

The NFL will unveil their 2006 schedule today. It is an annual tradtion for me to make my predictions on what the Denver Broncos schedule will look like. I'm usually almost a 100% wrong but it is fun nonetheless. Here are my guesses below and I'll score them later today once I get all the schedule details. I'll also highlight some good matchups and give my thoughts becuase you know football is right around the corner.

I repeat this is NOT the real Broncos schedule. These are just my guesses.

Week 1: CIN @ DEN
Week 2: DEN @ OAK
Week 3: DEN @ STL
Week 4: SD @ DEN
Week 5: DEN @ CLE
Week 6: SF @ DEN
Week 7: BAL @ DEN
Week 8: DEN @ ARZ
Week 9: Bye
Week 10: DEN @ SD
Week 11: IND @ DEN
Week 12: DEN @ KC (confirmed)
Week 13: SEA @ DEN
Week 14: OAK @ DEN
Week 15: DEN @ PIT
Week 16: DEN @ NE
Week 17: KC @ DEN

Updated: Now the 2006 NFL schedule is official. Here is the REAL Broncos schedule. As you can see I didn't get any of my guesses correct but it was still fun to try.

Week 1: DEN @STL
Week 2: KC @ DEN
Week 3: DEN @ NE (Sunday night)
Week 4: Bye
Week 5: BAL @ DEN (Monday night)
Week 6: OAK @ DEN (Sunday night)
Week 7: DEN @ CLE
Week 8: IND @ DEN
Week 9: DEN @ PIT
Week 10: DEN @ OAK
Week 11: SD @ DEN
Week 12: DEN @ KC (Thursday night)
Week 13: SEA @ DEN
Week 14: DEN @ SD
Week 15: DEN @ ARZ
Week 16: CIN @ DEN
Week 17: SF @ DEN

My take on the schedule: I'll start with the good: I like that the Broncos will be on national TV 4 times and they play 3 primetime games in a row. I'm perplexed that the scheduling folks picked Oakland and Baltimore as primetime opponents but they will be a good opportunity for a win. The Broncos don't have any especially long stretches away or against tough opponents. I would say that this could be a schedule that works in the Broncos favor. Here is what I don't like: The bye is too early to be effective, most of the west coast games are grouped together and the Broncos end with their easiest opponent. I could see NBC choosing the Bengals or Seahawks game for their Sunday night switch late in the season but NBC will likely go after east coast eyeballs and dollars for thier choosing. All in all I like the schedule but I was hoping for a little bit more excitement to look forward to. Bring on September!