Friday, April 07, 2006

Veronica Mars Ratings News

I just heard some exciting news that I wanted to share with all of you Veronica Mars fans. Wednesday's episode of Veronica Mars had 3 million viewers, the first time since the December hiatus. This is great news especially since Veronica Mars was up against a new episode of Lost, American Idol and had to deal with mass local sports preemptions. And what a fantastic episode it was for all those people to see!

However, this does not mean that we can stop our efforts to help save Veronica Mars. This show still needs all the help and support it can get. This news just affirms that what we are doing is working. Our efforts coupled with increased ratings makes Veronica Mars on the CW more possible but we still need to keep up the fight. The next task is to make sure people tune in when Veronica Mars moves to Tuesday starting April 11th at 9pm eastern. Spread the word!