Saturday, April 01, 2006

AL World Series Odds

Continuing our tour of the MLB at the start of the baseball season, here are the AL odds and my comments at the bottom.

7-2 New York Yankees
9-2 Chicago White Sox
10-1 Boston Red Sox
13-1 Los Angeles Angels
13-1 Oakland Athletics
14-1 Cleveland Indians
25-1 Minnesota Twins
30-1 Toronto Blue Jays
40-1 Texas Rangers
60-1 Seattle Mariners
100-1 Baltimore Orioles
100-1 Detroit Tigers
350-1 Tampa Bay Devil Rays
400-1 Kansas City Royals

My take on these odds: Amazing the drop off after the top 6 teams, it is pretty hard for there to be a darkhorse MLB team to challenge for the pennant. The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox always have the best chance to win but their odds are too high to be a good bet. A good bet might be the Cleveland Indians at 14-1 and an even better odds on the Texas Rangers at 40-1. The Chicago White Sox will be good again this year but at 9-2 this is just way too generous.