Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Denver Declines NFL Opener

Updating my story from yesterday regarding the announcement of NFL week 1 and Thanksgiving games, I have learned that the NFL is not to blame for my disappointment. Ever since the Steelers won the Super Bowl I have been telling anyone and everyone who will listen that I knew for a fact that the NFL would choose the Denver Broncos to play at the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first NFL game of the season on September 7th. When the news came out that the Steelers will be hosting the Miami Dolphins, I was let down and began doubting my instincts. But, today the story came out that Broncos owner Pat Bowlen declined the offer by the NFL to play in the opener. Bowlen said that he would prefer to play at Pittsburgh later on in the year when the focus was not on their recent Super Bowl win. I understand his reasoning and if playing Pittsburgh later in the year gives the Broncos even a slight more chance to win the game, I'm all for it but I can't help but think what might have been!