Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Veronica Mars Ratings Update

Just updating my previous post about the Veronica Mars ratings. For more information please see the "Veronica Mars Ratings Explained" post.

Episode 2.15 had 2.58 million viewers according to Mediaweek. These numbers are lower than the previous week's 2.76 and are going in the wrong direction. However, Lost was a new episode last week and numbers have always been lower against a new Lost. Since Lost will have another new episode this week, we will have a good comparison to see if there is any ratings growth potential.

Episode 2.16 had 2.07 million viewers according to Mediaweek. This is a terrible development but the good news is that the rating stayed basically the same between last week and this week. This means that the same percentage of TVs were tuned in to VM, just less people were watching them. These numbers should go up once VM moves to Tuesday on April 11th becuase it will not have to compete with Lost and American Idol. However, I'm still concerned about the lack of a strong lead in. It is worth noting that Rob Thomas is still very optimistic for a season 3 so only time will tell. Stay tuned to the next chapter in this saga.

Updated 4.1.06