Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The OC Episode 3.23 Spoilers

This episode should air in May.

It is time for the prom on the OC and the theme is Pirates! Ryan has a date and it appears to be Theresa. Marissa's date is Volchok but he is not too happy that Marissa asked him to be there. They have a little disagreement and once Marissa walks off, Volchok spots a pretty girl and goes to talk to her. Meanwhile, Seth is at the dance with Anna but it looks like he is hatching a plan to get back Summer. Summer gets involved with a Korean pop star celebrity at the dance. Later on Ryan finds out what Volchok is up to with the pretty girl and tries to keep Marissa from noticing. However, Marissa does catch Volchok kissing the girl and confronts him. Ryan is there to help protect Marissa. Taylor is also at the prom with everyone.

Updated 4.8.06