Sunday, June 18, 2006

Amazing Race 10 Sightings

The Amazing Race is currently filming its 10th edition to air in the fall. There are some small bit of information that have leaked due to some sightings. Once I find out more of the route spoilers after filming has completed, I'll make a new more detailed post. In the meantime here is what is known so far:

The race began filming on May 27th in Seattle. There were signtings at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport that day. Speculation is that the race then stopped in Beijing and Mongolia before heading to New Zealand and then Singapore. There also has been another sighting in the Kuwait airport around June 8th. There were also 7 same model type SUVs spotted in the airport parking lot, speculation is that this would be somewhere around the 5th episode if the teams begin with their usual 11 teams. The race lead the teams to the Kuwait Towers. This race will go around the world in the opposite direction, heading west from the United States.