Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Heroes Pilot Review: Part 2

Continuing on my previous post about the Heroes two hour pilot:

Harrison (left) and Peter are at the police station to bail out their mother, Alice. When the pair gets to the station they find out that their mother is not being charged for shoplifting. Harrison is very upset that his mother could do something to ruin him image so close to the election. Peter is upset too but he is more worried about how his mother is feeling. Once Harrison leaves to go do some damage control, Alice admits that she stole some socks because it was exciting to her. Peter tells her he understands.

Niki talks to someone named Texas Tina who appears to be her friend. It seems that Niki and Micah are staying with Tina for a little while at least. Niki admits that she borrowed the $25,000 for Micah's private school tuition from a loan shark and that she has had a gambling problem in the past. The loan was due two weeks ago and Niki has not paid it back. Niki also tells Tina that she feels like someone is following her but its not the loan sharks this time.

Peter and Alice are out of the police station now and are talking. Alice is concerned that Peter is not making a good enough living. Peter also defends Harrison and says that he has a connection with him. There is talk about some sort of accident that Harrison was involved in that Peter just knew was happening. Alice says that she is not holding her breath any longer for something special to happen to Peter. Suddenly Peter begins to fly above the city and flies toward the solar eclipse.

Now we are above a bunch of corporate workers in Japan and we see that Hiro stands out from all the others. Hiro is looking up at the sky toward the solar eclipse. Then we see Issac laying on the ground suffering when the light from outside goes black.

At Sing Sing prison D.J. (right) is on the phone talking to someone who seems to be his son. D.L. tells the person at the other end of the phone to take responsibility and to "her" that he promises somehow get out of there. D.L. returns to his cell and a guard asks a fellow inmate named Zeke to watch the wandering prisoner. Zeke and D.L. have a conversation about religion and then as D.L. watches Zeke pray he looks at Zeke's copy of The Koran.

Its night as Hiro and Ando talk about Hiro's time stopping ability. Ando still does not believe that Hiro's discovery has any sort of meaning while Hiro professes that it does. Hiro is doing a good job of convincing Ando that he has special powers but Ando doesn't know what good it will do Hiro, its not like he is going to make any money off of it. Ando challenges Hiro to teleport himself to the womens bathroom at least. Hiro begins consentrating.

Stella (left) arrives at Issac's loft and finds all the lights out. Stella calls to Issac but he does not respond, then she finally finds Issac handcuffed to the radiator in serious addiction withdrawl. Stella wants to take Isaac ot the hospital but he refuses and won't tell her where the handcuff key is. Stella gets a out a toolbox and uses every tool she can find to get Issac away from the radiator but is unsucessful. Isaac just wants Stella to leave her alone and tells her that he never loved her and is just using her. Stella is upset about what Isaac said and decided to respect his wishes and leaves. Isaac is not happy about what he just said but then notices that Stella left the saw close to him.

A man named Inspector Berlini is at a monastery with a picture of Father Sylar. Berlini is speaking to someone about what to do about victims' families.

Peter (right) is in a taxi cab, still in the middle of the solar eclipse. The camera reveals that the taxi cab driver is none other than Suresh. They talk about the eclipse and then Peter feels some sort of bond with Surseh and begins to open up. Peter asks Suresh if he thinks there are special people in the world who are meant to do something more. At first Suresh plays it off but then he explains his theory about an instant type of evolution. Peter feels that what this man is saying is exactly the way he has been feeling. But then the phone rings and its Stella, she needs him. Peter asks to get out of the cab right away.

Claire is at home and she is talking to her mom while doing the dishes. Claire's class ring falls off her hand and subconsiously she puts her hand into the garbage disposal while it is running. Clarie's hand becomes a bloody mangled mess as she pulls it out of the sink. Claire notices her hand and tries to hide it behind her back as her mother keeps talking but the blood keeps dripping on the floor. Out of the blue, Claire then tells her mother that its time she found out who her real mom and dad are. By this time Claire's hand is completely healed.

Peter talks to Stella about the novel he has been wanting to write for several years. Peter also confesses to Stella that he is in love with her and that he is ready to be who he is supposed to be. Stella does not have a response for Peter but tells him she needs help right away.

At the Sing Sing Prison it is night and Zeke is woken by D.L. who is just standing at the bars of his cell staring. Zeke wonders if D.L. is ok but decides to go back to sleep rather than wait and find out.

Niki barges in to Tina's house and announces that she has to leave town right away but Tina reveals that she doesn not know what happened to Micah (left). Tina explains that he was gone when she returned home and was missing several hundered dollars out of her purse but thought he had returned home to Niki. This news crushes Niki.

Claire comes up on a train accident and all the train cars are on fire. The police are talking to a fireman who says that there is one person left in train car nine, a top secret government person who was not on the list of passengers. Suddenly Claire comes out of the flaming train carrying a man in military uniform. All the police and medical personnel attend to the man and forget about Claire for a moment. The episode ends as Claire walks away from the scene as the unidentified good samaritan.