Friday, June 23, 2006

Prison Break 2.02 Spoilers

This episode should air on August 28, 2006.

Haywire is at the student union when a female named Debra Jean approaches him. It seems like Debra called Haywire and they agreed to meet up. She is new to the area and is glad to have someone to talk to. Haywire lies about losing his old job and needing to move. He says his stuff is being mailed.

Later on Debra and Tweener are in her car. She asks Tweener about his grandfather. Tweener explains how his grandfather died. Suddenly there is a news report about 4 of the 8 escaped convicts still at large and Tweener quicly turns off the radio to a CD. Its Kelly Clarkson and he tried to sing a long to the word and fails. Then Tweener notices that Debra is drving too fast as they pass a cop. They pass the cop without a problem but Tweener tries to explain why he was so freaked out by it.

Later that day, Devra and Tweener are stopped on the side of the road for a potty break. Tweener notices that Debra is on the phone telling someone where their location is. Debra tells him it was her father. Tweener gets nervous when Debra puts the news back on the radio. Tweener offers to drive so that he can pick the station. Debra would rather stop at a motel because she is sick of being in the car. Tweener is apprehensive about this but agrees to go to the motel.

Later on in the motel, Debra is on her phone again and tells Tweener that it is her dad again. Its seems that both of them are hiding something. Then Debra decides that she wants to leave for a bit. Tweener first asks her to stay and then asks to come with her. She declines both offers. Debra leaves Tweener in the room wondering what she is up to.

Kellerman and Franklin are at a government hearing of the Judicial Board. A man named Ed Pavelka is interviewing Franklin about the escape. Franklin says that he thought he had all the information but Pavelka asks him why the inmates that escaped had so much time to dig a hole. Franklin says he thought the inmates were “dragging the feet”. Then Pavelks asks about Fox River being sold to the highest bidder. Kellerman denies this. Franklin questions why they are being questioned when time should be spent on finding the convicts. Then Pavelka speaks to Agent Jenkins and asks him about being an undercover agent. Franklin tells Pavelka that Jenkins was fired for being too rough with the inmates. Jenkins then reveals that Lincoln Burrows was working with someone on the outside. Pavelka gets Kellerman to very reluctantly admit that he knew about this before the escape. Kellerman tries to explain that he had no knowledge of a planned escape but Pavelka is done listening.

Later on the hearing draws to a conclusion and Pavelka gives the verdict. Franklin’s punishment is loss of 2 weeks pay and a 3 months suspension. Kellerman, however is terminated. Franklin gets upset and says that they were “railroaded”.