Thursday, June 22, 2006

Prison Break 2.01 Spoilers

This episode will air on August 21, 2006.

Sucre is spies from the bushes a Doctor Gudat at a clinic. Sucre’s leg his leg has a nasty shotgun wound and he wants the Docto repair it. Sucre comes upon the Doc and asks him to do the procedure. The Doc says it is after hours and declines. Sucre insists and threatens the Doctor with a knife. The Doc wants to call the police but Sucre holds knife to the Doc’s throat. The doctor is reluctant to do any procedures and advises Sucre to go to a hospital. Sucre pleads with the Doc and says that he has a girl named Maricruz who is pregnant. The Doc agrees to do the procedure but wants to give Sucre an anesthetic but Sucre refuses due to a fear of needles. The Doc gives him some pills he can take but Sucre takes a handful.

A man named Terrance meets Kellerman in a limo at night. Kellerman wants to record the conversation with Terrance because he does not trust him. Terrance is explaining that he did not choose Burrows or Scuderi to be the fall guys. Terrance’s sister is also brought up in the conversation. Kellerman becomes uneasy and tires to get out of the limo but Terrance has locked them in it together.

Later on, Terrance is at the Blackfoot residence and has a gun aimed at President Reynolds It seems that President Reynolds is his sister. Terrance apparently has a score to settle. President Reynolds calls dispatch for help.

Bellick arrives home from a long shift at work. His mother is worried about him. Bellick goes up to his room and cleans his gun when his mother mentions that on the news she heard that there is a 100,000 reward for anyone who can capture the escaped convicts and 300,000 for the one who killed the president’s brother. Bellick seems interested by this information.