Friday, June 16, 2006

Nip/Tuck 4.03 Spoilers

This episode should air on October 3, 2006.

Christian is at the gym with Fabio, his trainer. Christian finds out he is not in the best shape possible. Christian tells Fabio that he has a real job and does not have time to workout that much but then notices another plastic surgeon named Dr. Mike Hamoui having a much easier time working out. Christian later finds himself in the showers at the same time as Mike and checks out his very fit body. Mike notices Christian's staring and starts a conversation with him. Mike knows who Christian is and praises what McNamara/Troy has done for the plastic surgery business. Then Mike reveals that his business is booming and Christian becomes jealous of Mike's body and success. Christian asks Mike how he makes time for both and Mike confesses that he does not eat and goes to the gym any time he has a spare moment.

Just as Christian is about to leave the gym, he spots Matt and confronts him about not calling. Matt is not in a mood to talk and they have a confrontation. Christian makes some reference to Kimber as "Hari Kimber", it seems that she is on some sort of spiritual mission perhaps.

Meanwhile, Sean and Julia are interviewing nurses to help with their soon to be born son. It appears that the baby will be handicapped and need reconstructive plastic surgery. They speak to a woman named Monica Wilder who says all the right things and impresses the McNamaras. After the interview, Monica needs a ride home and Sean offers to take her. Monica and Sean have some small talk in the car but seem to have bonded during their conversation. Suddenly we see that Sean and Monica are at a motel having sex.

Later on Sean calls Julia and tells her that he has run out of gas and will get home as soon as he can. Julia hopes that Monica got home first so that she does not have a bad impression of them. Sean feels the guilt about what he has done and tells Monica that it would not be the best idea if she worked for them. Monica agrees but blames herself for ruining a great opportunity. Sean feels sorry for her and agrees to give her a nose job as a parting gift.

The next day Christian visits Mike's office for a quickie "lunchtime liposuction" procedure. Christian notices that Mike's operating room is better than his. During the procedure, Christian realizes that he feels degraded by having such a successful and toned man see his flaws. They get into a testosterone sparring match and then Mike asks Christian why Sean is not able to perform this procedure on Christian. All Mike gets in response is an excuse.