Tuesday, June 13, 2006

TV on DVD Release Dates: 05-06 Season

Over the last couple of weeks I have seen a lot of questions around the net about when our favorite TV series from the 2005-2006 season will be available on DVD. Here is what I have so far and I'll update once more information becomes available.

June 13: Medium (S1)
June 27: Project Runway (S2)
July 11: 30 Days (S1)
July 18: Carnivale (S2)
August 8: Prision Break (S1)
August 22: House (S2), Veronica Mars (S2)
August 29: Arrested Develop. (S3), Desp. Housewives (S2), Nip/Tuck (S3)
September 5: Lost (S2), Supernatural (S1)
September 12: Grey's Anatomy (S2), The Office (S2), Smallville (S5)
September 19: Gilmore Girls (S6)
September 26: One Tree Hill (S3)
November: Alias (S5)