Sunday, June 11, 2006

30 Days News & Update

One of the summer's best reality TV shows is coming back soon! 30 Days will be back on air on Wednesday, July 26th at 10pm eastern on FX. If you have not heard of this show or watched it when it was on last summer, it is a documentary about someone who lives a life drastically different from their own for 30 days. This show is produced by Morgan Spurlock, who is the genius behind the movie Super Size Me. If you want to catch up on last season's 6 life changing episodes, the first season DVD will be released on July 11th in anticipation of the season 2 premiere. Those of you who are familiar with the show will be happy to know that Morgan was the subject of one of the episodes again for the upcoming season. While there are no details yet about what the topic of this episode entails, it is sure to be a great follow up to Morgan and Alex's minimum wage experiment last season. Speaking of Morgan and Alex, you all will be happy to know that they got married in Fiji on May 3rd this year. Best wishes to them!

Update on 6.15.06: Want to know where Morgan Spurlock will be spending his 30 days in season 2? That would be at the Henrico County Jail in Virginia. The episode was filmed in February and will focus on drug addiction rehabilitation as well. Some other topics that will be covered in the second season of 30 Days are immigration (immigrant family living with border patrol officer), abortion and outsourcing. This six episode season will end on August 30th.

Update on 7.21.06: I'm anxiously awaiting the premiere of this wonderful and thought provoking series. I have learned the topic of this season's 6 episodes, they are in order: Immigration 9anti-immigation man living with immigrant family), Outsourcing (man who los job due to outsourcing goes to India to live with the people who replaced him) , Athism (Athiest mom lives with evangelical christian family) , New age therapies (man with anger issues learns new age techniques), Abortion (pro choice woman who has had an abortion lives and works in a pro life center) and Incarceration (Morgan gets thrown in jail).