Friday, June 09, 2006

Nip/Tuck 4.02 Spoilers

This episode will air on September 26, 2006.

The episode opens with Christian at a strip club and has taking a liking to a huge breasted woman named Blu Mondae. Blu is talking about how her breasts are natural and they bother her. Christian tells her to stop talking. When Blu finds out that Christian is a plastic surgeon, they end up in Christian's bedroom having sex. Blu proposes working out a deal with Christian to get her breasts reduced but Christian says he does not do favors anymore. They continue to have sex.

Sean and Christian are getting used to having Michelle (from 4.01) involved at the office. Then Christian meets with a man named Mitchell and his much older sugar daddy boyfriend named Arthur. Turns out that Arthur wants work done on Mitchell but Christian senses that Mitchell is not too interested in having plastic surgery. Christian asks Mitchell to come back another time for a private consultation.

After the credits we see Sean and Matt are having a conversation at home. Sean and Julia want Matt to attend a gym so that he can become more social and give him something to do. Matt is not too interested, he'd rather work out in the garage.

Mitchell comes to visit Christian in private and Mitchell confesses that he is not sure that he is gay, he just likes the perks that come with a rich boyfriend. Christian tries to convince Mitchell that receiving those perks is not worth going through surgery. Mitchell asks Christian if he is "bi" as well. Christian says no, he just does not like to see people getting taken advantage of. Christian offers to help get Mitchell out of the situation and asks Mitchell to hang out with him sometime, to show him some options.

Meanwhile, Sean meets a man named Alex at a coffee shop who has a facial deformity. Sean offers his help. At first Alex is not interested but then Alex takes Sean's card and visits Sean at the office. Sean asks Alex why his parents never took Alex to get corrective surgery but Alex says that his parents did not have the money. Sean then offers to perform corrective surgery on Alex for free.

Later on Christian and Mitchell go to the strip club. Christian spots Blu Mondae and asks her to help out Mitchell and get him to leave the gay boyfriend. Blue agrees but then Christian asks her to have sex with Mitchell. Blue is appalled but when Christian offers to do her breast reduction for free, Blue has a change of heart. Blue and Mitchell end up having a good time but they only pretend to have sex for Christian's sake.

Sean performs Alex's surgery but during the procedure he discovers that Alex's deformity is too severe to be fixed all in one surgery. Once Alex wakes up, Sean explains the problems and offers to do a number of procedures and braces to fix Alex completely. Alex declines because he would not want to go through the pain and look even worse than he already does for a payoff in the far future, he is used to the way he looks anyway.

Michelle is surprised by a woman named James. Michelle does not like the surprise and makes sure nobody is watching but then gives James a bottle of pills. James unbuttons her shirt then first caresses and kisses Michelle. Liz watches from afar.

Sean and Christian are talking about some sort of intervention with Matt. Christian wants to tighten the purse strings but wants Julia on board with the plan so that everyone is united. Sean agrees to the plan. When they talk to Julia, they find out that she has already given Matt some money.

Mitchell comes to visit Christian at his apartment and tells Christian that Arthur found out about the strip club and threw him out. Christian feels for Mitchell and gives him some money and offers to set Mitchell up in a nice hotel for a while until he gets back on his feet. Mitchell asks to use the bathroom and Christian lets him in. Mitchell then appears out of the bathroom completely naked and offers to give Christian a blow job. Christian freaks out and tells Mitchell to leave. Once Mitchell continues to pursue Christian, Mitchell gets punched in the nose and Christian throws him out.

Later on Julia talks to Sean and agrees to the plan about Matt. Julia is toughened by the fact that the baby is going to have some developmental problems and reveals that she has decided to name the baby Conor.

Christian goes to visit Blu at the strip club after she has her breasts done. Blu is wearing a black wig and has decided to change her persona to Ashley Wednesday. Christian displays ambivalence as the show ends with him in contemplation of what he has become.