Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Big Brother Top 20 Update

I'm updating my previous post about the potential list of Big Brother Top 20 candidates. This week CBS has made another mistake and revealed the identity of those potential contestants that was supposed to be kept secret until the June 21st special edition of Big Brother. CBS has made similar goofs like this in the past so its fairly certain that these 20 will be the ones we can vote for. The link has since been taken down or else I would provide it so you could see for yourself but this fact adds more credibility to the mistake. If you also go back to the post I made a week or so ago, you will see that most of the 20 I had is listed here and gives us another reason to believe this is the top 20. The ones with ^ by their name are assumed from my previous list because of some common names that could be several people.

BB1: George
BB2: Bunky, Mike^, Monica, Will^
BB3: Danielle, Lisa, Marcellas
BB4: Alison, Dana, Erika
BB5: Diane, Jase, Nakomis
BB6: Howie, Ivette, James, Janelle, Kaysar, Michael^

As for who I'm voting for and would like to see in the house are Diane, Nakomis and Janelle for the women and George, Kaysar and Marcellas for the men. It was a tough choice for me and I would like to see most of the 20 on BB7 but I have to make a selection because I can't vote for all of them. I am not voting for previous winners because I think they will be targeted and ousted early anyway but Alison and Will would certainly make for an interesting house dynamic.