Thursday, June 15, 2006

RW/RR Challenge Scoop

Filming of the next upcoming Real World/Road Rules Challenge is already underway in Brazil. No word on when an airdate but it would likely be after The Real World Key West has its finale on August 8th and the Fresh Meat Challenge has its finale on September 11th. Castmembers we can expect on the Brazil challenge are from Real World Beth S., Aneesa, and another quad group from the most recent Real World season Paula, John, Svetlana and Tyler. Derrick and Tina are the only members from Road Rules known at this time with an exception of Casey (Wes' partner) from the Fresh Meat Challenge, who will potentially become considered part of the Road Rules gang. Further speculation is that Derrick and Casey end up hooking up so I guess that does not mean well for Derrick's romance with Diem. Those people who are already revealed to have made the return trip home from Brazil are John and Paula (big surprise) as well as Tina. No word on weather or not anyone from Austin decided to try their luck again on this challenge.

As for the Fresh Meat Challenge, there is speculation that the winner has already been leaked. Stop reading now if you don't want to know. Ok, fair enough. Supposedly Darrell's winning streak does not end as he and Aviv walk away with the $250k.