Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Gilmore Girls 7.01 Spoilers

This episode should air in September. Check back to Queen TV for a list of fall premiere dates coming in the near future.

Rory finds Paris has taken over the Yale Daily News Office for her own personal SAT prep business. There is a group of 15 year olds in the hallway in line with their parents waiting to sign up. Paris is consulting with a girl named Kaitlin and her mother named Marilyn. Paris is really scaring the pair because she thinks Kaitlin is not good enough material for her class, it may be too late for Kaitlin. Marilyn asks Paris to give her daughter another shot. Paris considers and finally gives in but has one condition, Marilyn must take an aptitude test as well. Paris needs to know how much of Kaitlin's "condition" is due to genetics and how much potential she actually has. Kaitlin and Marilyn follow Paris' orders.

It appears that Taylor has driven his car into Luke's diner. The tow truck driver wants to know if he should remove the vehicle or not. Taylor says they should wait for the insurance people to arrive. Luke gets really angry and tells them that he does not like to be pressured and that he just needs some time to think. Luke also snaps at a customer whom he thinks is trying to stiff the bill.