Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The OC 4.01 Spoilers

This episode will air Thursday, November 2nd. Check back to Queen TV for a full list of fall premiere dates to be posted soon.

Kaitlin is smoking pot at the plaza with two boys who seem to be her age named Eric and Brad. They are all working on a chemistry lab report. Then Brad warns Kaitlin not to be so obvious since there are security guards everywhere. Kaitlin says she is not scared of them and the pot isn't that good anyway. Kaitlin makes some gay joke about both of the boys and then they see Dr. Roberts' ex wife Gloria talking to him and they look to be on friendly terms to say the least. Kaitlin now knows what the step-monster looks like but doesn't know what to make of the situation. Later on Kaitlin and the boys are driving to a party on the beach when the car breaks down. Brad doesn't want to leave the very expensive car but Kaitlin leaves them and suggests calling AAA.