Saturday, July 15, 2006

Big Brother 7: Week 2

On Thursday's live show we saw Alison get booted by a vote of 8-2. The ones who voted for Danielle were Nakomis and Diane. Remember this, it may become important later. Alison gave the fakest interview seen in years and then Kaysar won head of household which was back to the single version for this week.

Friday began with a food competition. Teams were broken up to two sets of six each with the HOH Kaysar getting to join the winning team with food privileges for the week. The red team was Jase, George, Will, Diane, Boogie and Erika while the blue team was Howie, Janelle, Marcellas, James, Nakomis and Danielle. The game was to pick out 12 fake plastic rats from a trough of "slop" in the fastest time. The red team won regular food for the week and the blue team gets treated to eating slop, which is a mushy protein oatmeal type substance.

Nominations were also revealed on Friday. Kaysar didn't surprise many by putting Diane and Nakomis on the block. No real talk yet of who the house is gunning for but I suspect Diane has more friends and will get some of the boys to keep her in the house. That and BB6 seems more threatened by Nakomis anyway.

The power of veto competition was held on Saturday. The game was some sort of oversized golf challenge and Erika won. Early speculation is that Erika will not use the veto but some of the other BB6 alliance want Erika to use it and then put up Boogie or Will in hopes that BB6 can get a deal with one side or the other. Usually these complicated plans don't pan out but I'll keep you posted once the POV ceremony is complete.

Monday the power of veto ceremony was held and no suprise it was that Erika did not use the POV. At this time it looks like Diane might be on the way out because Nakomis is really working hard to save her butt. But there is still a lot of discussion about who to vote for. As it stands now the decision is pretty much up in the air.

By Wednesday the house decided they did not have the votes to get rid of Diane so it looks like it is going to be a unanimous vote to evict Nakomis. Diane looks like she will be working with Will and Boogie for next week.