Friday, July 07, 2006

Big Brother 7: Week 1

Things are moving right along in the Big Brother house as the Power of Veto challenge was held on Friday. Both Co-HOHs Janelle and Jase competed as well as the nominees Alison and Danielle. It seems that this season the nominees will not be able to choose those who will compete in the POV. This time a roulette type wheel was used and determined that Kaysar and George would round out the competitors for the POV competition. After a long break, the houseguests returned from the backyard after what appeared to be a POV that had to do with smelly fish and cages. Janelle was the victor and wearing the POV necklace.

On Sunday the Power of Veto ceremony was held, as expected Janelle did not use the POV and kept the nominations the same. At this point it sounds like Alison will be getting evicted on Thursday night due to a house consensus. As for strategy talk, there is no real alliance forming and scheming as of yet. Everyone wants to go after the four from season 6 but are not unified and sure about how to accomplish this yet. Will and "Boogie" are other popular targets while Howie has gotten his feathers ruffled by Nakomis and wants to get her out next. Danielle and "Chicken" George seem to not be safe for the near future either. It all really depends on who the next heads of household are as the whole BB7 group is laying low for the time being.

Tuesday's episode on CBS pretty much was just confirmation of what the live feeds told us with the one exception of the scary slip 'n slide activity. As always CBS showed the vote as going to either Alison or Danielle while the feeds show that it was very heavily favoring Alison and have not balanced out to more of an indecision. it looks like 5 will be voting to keep Alison (Diane, Nakomis, George, Boogie and Will) and 5 will be voting to keep Danielle (Kaysar, James, Howie, Erika, and Marcellas). They have been told since there are two HOHs that a tie vote will be broken by the POV holder which is Janelle anyway. This whole plan hinges on Marcellas getting over his bitterness toward Danielle and actually casting a vote to keep her. Janelle is promising Marcellas the world as she is very threatened by Alison.

Wednesday update: Voting was completed this morning and it looks like it might be a 9-1 vote to get Alison out. Everyone got tired of her campaigning and saw Janelle would break the tie get Alsion out anyway. So now all is calm until the next HOH is decided.

Updated 7.12.06