Monday, July 03, 2006

Amazing Race 10 Spoilers

Now that the fall edition of the race has completed filming, the picture is pretty clear on what the spoilers are. The following is the best guess for episode by episode race route information. Location spoilers are usually very accurate but the order can change and I'll update if that is the case.

Episode 1: Race begins in Seattle goes to Beijing
Episode 2: Beijing
Episode 3: Terelj, Mongolia
Episode 4: Devonport, New Zealand
Episode 5: Queenstown, New Zealand
Episode 6: Singapore to Vietnam
Episode 7: Kuwait City, Kuwait
Episode 8: Grand Baie, Mauritius (small island east of Madagascar)
Episode 9: Madagascar
Episode 10: Lohja, Finland
Episode 11: Belarus
Episode 12: Barcelona
Episode 13: Paris, France
Episode 14: Halifax, Nova Scotia to end in New York City

I also have a good source on who the final 3 are as well as the 4th, 5th and 6th place eliminations. CBS has not released the official names and relationship of the racers but I can tell you the pairs by their descriptions. We'll match names to faces when the information comes out.

6th Place: Older Female/Younger Male team, (mother/son)?
5th Place: Younger White Male/Female team, (dating couple)?
4th Place: Black Younger Female/Female team, (sisters or friends)?
Top 3: Asian Younger Male/Female team, (dating couple)?
Top 3: White Younger Female/Female team, (sisters or friends)?
Top 3: White Younger Male/Male team, (frat boys)?

Speculation has it that the female/female team is a pair of Miss America girls and the male/male team are actually friends of reigning Survivor winner Aras.