Thursday, June 01, 2006

Rescue Me 3.09 Spoilers

This episode will air August 1, 2006.

This episode pretty much picks up where the 3.08 left off. Tommy is visiting Stack in the hospital. Stack's wife Deb is crying because his other leg has been amputated. Tommy tells Deb that he will stick around and watch Stack for he so she can go home for a little while.

Franco finds out that his new girl Natalie is living with a guy but it turns out that its her brother Richard who has some disabilities. But when Natalie is out of the room Franco finds out that Richard has it out for him. Later on the three of them go out to dinner and when they are walking back Richard calls Franco a black racial slur. Franco says the he is Puerto Rican while Natalie blames her brother's outburst on Tourette's. In the end they all pretty much offend everyone on the street.

Jerry visits his wife at the nursing home and Jerry becomes upset because she does not have any idea who he is, she won't even call him Bud anymore. Kathleen, a woman who works at the home, tells Jerry that it may be better if he forgets about his wife. Jerry is offended and the next day Kathleen comes all the way down to the station to apologize.

Meanwhile, Lou is still doing yoga with Epiphany, Mike is trying to break up with Chris and Sheila also appears.