Sunday, May 28, 2006

Nip/Tuck 4.01 Spoilers

Here are some spoilers for the first episode of the new season of Nip/Tuck that will premiere on September 19, 2006.

Christian and Sean meet a couple of pretty women in a bar. Turns out they are a mother-daughter pair named Jill and Riley. Sean decides to go home to Julia while Christian takes the ladies back to his place. Sean and Christian trying to have sex at the same time in each of their respective houses. Sean tries to have sex with a six months pregnant Julie but she is too uncomfortable and asks him to stop. Christian gets Jill and Riley in bed but gets into a fight with them as soon as Riley realizes Christian won't kiss either of them. Christian then throws the girls out because Jill tells him he is going to die alone because he won't let anyone get close to him.

The next day at the office, Sean and Christian are interviewing a man named Burt Landau who is in his 70's and his young wife named Michelle. Burt had testicular cancer and is not happy with the small size of testicular implants. Burt has something larger in mind and asks the guys for help. Later on it appears that Sean and Christian have made a business deal with the Landaus concerning the practice.

Julia goes to the doctor and they discuss something that may be wrong with the baby. Julia reveals that she has not told Sean because he may have not wanted to continue the pregnancy had he known.

Sean interviews another patient named Cindy Plumb who is in her 50's. Cindy's request is to get a voice lift because she is a phone sex operator. Cindy has been a drinker and smoker for many years but has found joy in the 1-900 business to get over a painful divorce. Sean sympathetically agrees to perform the surgery.

Christian decides to see a therapist named Faith to talk about his issues after observing Sean and his family happy together. Christian and Faith discuss the fact that Christian only likes to have sex with women doggy style because he does not want to be intimate with them and see their faces. The next day we see that Christian is having sex with Faith in her office doggy style.

The episode ends with Christian alone at a bar. When a young beautiful woman approaches him, Christian declines and continues to sit alone.