Monday, February 05, 2007

What About Brian 2.18 Spoilers

This episode should air in late spring.

Dave gets into a flight with a guy named Jeffery over a kids movie at some sort of event for kids. Larissa and a kid named Bobby encourage the men to get in a fight. Then Booby brings up that Dave punched Richard who happens to be in attendance as well. Bobby also comments that Dave never told Richard he was sorry. Dave sees the kid's point and walks up to Richard and apologizes. Richard says its ok but then makes a snide remark so Dave swings at Richard again.

Brian is at the apartment while Laura and Samantha are getting dressed. Brian compliments them both. Later on Brian is out at some celebrity party with Laura and Samantha. Brian and Laura have fun watching a couple kiss and try to dissect their personalities through body language. Brina gets up to talk to Stephanie and Laura mentions something about how much she likes Brian. Apparently Stephanie is on a date with a guy named Jared and Brian things he got the bail-me-out signal but find out it was a mistake. Later on Brian decides he is sick of all this and tells Stephanie he is leaving.

Nicole is at some sort of moms & babies gathering where she has a run in with some stuck up moms. These women criticize Nicole for not making her own baby food but Nicole apologizes for coming off the wrong way. Nicole then asks the women what sounds like a good price for a cupcake, as she is opening a store with Deena. the women laugh at her. They talk about all the bad things that are in cupcakes and how nobody has been successful in opening a store. Nicole decides to leave after that.

The guys are all at the new cupcake store helping Deena and Nicole get it ready to open. Later on the shop is open but Deena is worried that they are not selling enough. Nicole tries to make Deena feel better and they notice a customer come in. Turns out the customer just wanted some change but marvels at the free samples and walks out. Even later then there seems to be some sort of spectacle that happens concerning Stephanie in front of the store as the guys try to help out with the new demand for cupcakes.

Adam is at a hotel bar meeting a client named Rowland. They have a discussion about an affidavit. Rowland does not want to sign it because he knows its not telling the truth but agrees to sign it anyway. Later on Adam goes over to Natasha's house as she greets him at the door and tests his vow of celibacy.