Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Top Model 8 Spoilers

On February 28th, the last night of sweeps, cycle 8 of America's Next Top Model will premiere. There are a few spoilers to share as we gear up for the first episode.

The exotic location this time around is Australia, as the girls stay in Sydney for a couple of weeks. The final runway show is set here and will feature designs by Sass and Bide. However, this is not an official fashion show. Instead it is one of those produced just for Top Model events. There will a be a short girl who makes it to Australia. Among the girls are 2 "bigger" girls. No idea yet if this means actual plus size or just larger than average. One of these girls will make it far, even rumored to be in the top 2. (I'll believe that when I see it.) There will also be another double elimination. Another rumor is that this is the last season Tyra will host and is going to be replaced with someone at the helm for cycle 9.