Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 1 Spoilers

Its that time of year again, another season of Survivor is starting and I've got spoilers to share!

For the first episode all the twists have been revealed. There are 19 contestants this season because the 20th quit right before taping began. The tribe will arrive and live together on one island, everyone creating a cozy shelter from unusually bountiful supplies. But then the other shoe drops, whoever loses the immunity challenge will leave camp cushy and live on the island with no luxuries or many supplies for that matter. The first immunity challenge will be some sort of chariots of fire/dog sled type race. Also a hidden immunity idol will be hidden on each camp with exile island only garnering the possibility to find a clue as to its whereabouts. There is new wrinkle in the hidden immunity idol's use which should have been in place 2 seasons ago, which is that it must be presented before the vote is read. Anyway, the first bootee expected is Jessica probably stemming from some "we need to keep the tribe strong" recycled argument.

I've come across a pre merge boot order and I'll share it right here. Don't read on if you don't want to know. In order 1-7 before the merge is Jessica, Erica, Sylvia, Gary, Lihana, Rita, Anthony. I hear that Gary quits before a reward challenge, no word on if there is no elimination that episode or if someone else goes that day.