Friday, March 24, 2006

Gilmore Girls 6.21 Spoilers

This episode will air on May 2, 2006.

Rory contacts a woman named Kimberly, who is a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, to revise a story that she wrote about Mitchum Huntzberger. In the story, Mitchum said that he gave Rory her internship at the Stamford Eagle-Gazette and now she is the editor at the Yale Daly News. Rory is upset because she thinks the comment implies that Mitchum gave Rory her start and she does not want people assuming that Mitchum can take credit for her success. The reporter does not comply with Rory's request. Bill at the Yale Daly News tries to coach Rory through the call. Rory also takes care of Logan after he is released from the hospital.

Liz is talking to some old bitter women at the diner who are complaining about their men. T.J. shows up at the diner and Luke encourages Liz to make up with him. It appears that they must have has a fight. Liz goes outside to talk to T.J. We also find out that Liz is pregnant.

Emily takes an unsuspecting Lorelai to a real estate office. Lorelai refuses to go in by Emily makes her get out of the car. Maureen, who works in the real estate office, has been expecting Emily and has a presentation waiting for her. Lorelai keep asking Emily what is going on and why are they there. Lorelai just can't understand and keeps asking questions over and over again. Emily just wants to know if Lorelai thinks the house looks nice. The house is furnished and looks similar to Lorelei's but it is unclear who the house is intended for. We also find out that Emily has had LASIK surgery on her eyes and Lorelai is driving her around.

Sookie and Jackson also deal with some marijuana that has been planted on their land.