Thursday, March 23, 2006

Desperate Housewives 2.21 Spoilers

This episode will air in sometime in May, 2006.

At Lynette's office, a forensic accountant is hired to go through someone's files. Edie invites the mail man over for a friendly chat and he gets the wrong message. Gus the mailman ends up in his boxers on Edie's bed. Edie also hires a private detective to spy on Susan and Karl. Tom gets fired from work. Gabrielle and Carlos learn that their maid Xaio-Mai is going to be deported and Gabrielle comes up with the idea that if Xaio-Mai gets pregnant that it will keep her in the country. Following this revelation, it appears that Carlos goes to a sperm bank. Bree gets in to a fight with Kyle, a store clerk, becuase he won't help her find strawberry ice cream.

Updated 4.1.06, 4.15.06