Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Amazing Race Update

I just updated my original post about the Amazing Race but since it has fallen all the way back to the archives, I'll just post the updated route info here and give a little spoiler speculation.

Episode 1: Denver to Sao Paulo, Brazil
Epsiode 2: Brazil
Epiosde 3: Moscow
Epiosde 4: Munich, Germany
Epiosde 5: Sicily
Epiosde 6: Sicily
Episode 7: Rome and Greece
Episode 8: Oman (Middle East)
Epiosde 9: Perth, Australia
Episode 10: Darwin, Australia
Episode 11: Thailand
Episode 12: Japan
Episdoe 13: Alaska (finale)
Episode 14: Finish Line in Denver (finale)

As you can see, tonight's episode will take the teams in the "to be continued" leg from Moscow to Munich. Speculation has been that the "nerds" David and Lori might be in store for some disappointment soon. BJ & Tyler, Monica & Joseph and Ray & Yolanda appear to make it deep in to the race.

Updated 4.27.06