Saturday, March 15, 2008

Big Brother 9 Spoilers

After a brief hiatus...lets get back to some spoiling.

This week in the BB house is the second week of Groundhog Day. Nobody has left the BB house in 2 weeks as it looks like James and Ryan's HOHs will do nothing more than bring us back to the point when the siren first sounded 2 weeks ago.

James won HOH in the endurance competition beating Natalie out after about 4 hours or so. Natalie struck a deal to keep her and Matt safe. James stuck to his word and nominated Shelia and Ryan for eviction. On Friday James won the POV as well and has said he's keeping nominations the same. Surely Josh and Chelsia will beg him to backdoor Matt but James seems pretty set in what he wants to do. There also was no food competition on Friday but the HG's speculate that there will be a luxury competition this week.

I will update after the veto ceremony and predict how the votes are going to go.