Friday, February 01, 2008

Survivor 16 Spoilers

As another season of Survivor is set to begin, I have some long range spoilers and a sort of boot order. Keep in mind that these are major spoilers but still not confirmed so take with a grain of salt and see if they are in the right direction.

In the first episode Johnny Fairplay is expected to quit. He pretty much has a meltdown over nothing as he is not his tribe's primary target and his departure changes up a lot of strategies. Mary will be the second to go.

Early bootees who do not make the jury are believed to be: Mary, Tracy, Yau-Man, Kathy, Erik, and Mikey.

Early jury members are Amanda and Eliza. James and Ozzie supposedly arrive on the jury sooner than later. Jason is pegged at mid jury.

The final 7 are Alexis, Ami, Cirie, Chet, Joel, Jonathan and Natalie. Alexis and Natalie will be a part of the family visit reward.