Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What About Brian 2.16 Spoilers

This episode should air in early 2007.

Dave and Deena are at the hospital for Carrie who is very sick. The doctor says that Carrie has an ear infection as Dave and Deena are worried about Carrie's recent surgical implant being the cause for the illness. Just then the doctor gets a call overhead to attend to another matter but before he leaves the doctor mentions that Carrie does not have any hearing. Dave and Deena are shocked and the doctor says that picking up sign language is no problem.

It seems that Brian is still with Bridget and a girl named Stephanie is at dinner with the couple and Adam. There is still talk about Adam's celibacy. Stephanie mentions that she is not interested in Adam as it is apparent that this was some sort of blind double date. Adam then mentions to Brian that he thinks the night is going according to plan.

Deena and Dave take Carrie to a sign language specialist and Deena is not thrilled to be there. She does not believe the ER doctor and wants a second opinion, Dave wants to make sure Carrie learns the sign language as quick as possible. This causes yet another fight.

Brian is at KC gaming pitching a game for little girls named BerryTown. There is a Japanese interpreter who is knocking Brian off his game. The grand finale of the pitch is Stephanie jumping out of a giant cake dressed as a berry. Natasha is in the meeting as well, anxiously awaiting the reaction of the clients. The clients applaud this move. Later on Brian, Natasha and Stephanie celebrate their victory at Ivy's bar.