Thursday, January 04, 2007

Super Bowl XLI Odds

As the football season comes to a close and we enter the playoff chapter of the season, I thought I would share the current odds and offer some predictions. Odds are courtesy of

12-5 San Diego Chargers
18-5 Baltimore Ravens
9-2 Chicago Bears
13-2 New Orleans Saints
7-1 New England Patriots
10-1 Indianapolis Colts
10-1 Philadelphia Eagles
21-1 Seattle Seahawks
23-1 Dallas Cowboys
25-1 Kansas City Chiefs
38-1 New York Giants
40-1 New York Jets

My take on these odds: First of all its mental that the Patriots have better odds than the Colts who handily beat them. The Pats also struggled against the Jets and other lesser opponents this year. I'm not convinced New England is going to win the game this week and these odds are more than over confident in them. San Diego is the clear favorite in the AFC but they have zero playoff experience, this usually come back to hunt teams in the later stages of the playoffs. Although Indy has struggled, this could be the time for them to piece together some decent games and find themselves in Miami. For some reason I'm still not impressed with Baltimore, who will find some way to falter. I'll pick Indy at this time and I absolutely love the odds for the Jets who are getting no love, they are a good roll the dice bet on a team that's better than most people think.

As for the NFC, Chicago is the clear favorite and I wouldn't exactly bet against them. However, New Orleans is playing well this season and can surprise a lot of people. But the problem of playoff inexperience may come back to bit them just like the Chargers. I absolutely am not impressed with any of the teams from the NFC East but if I had to choose one it would be Dallas. I just don't believe the facade the Eagles have built up and its going to crash sooner than later. I like the odds on the Cowboys too for a good value pick. Seattle just looked bad the last month but they do have the experience and could make it further than people expect.

If I had to put my money on one team right now it would be the Colts. 10-1 are great odds and they do have the talent and experience to put a run together.