Friday, June 30, 2006

Desperate Housewives 3.01 Spoilers

This episode should air in September.

Lynette is having a birthday party for Parker. As Lynette is tending to the munchies, the clown she is aprroached by the clown who asks for additional money if he is to be expected to make ballon animals for the kids. Lynette isn't happy about getting ripped off but she gives the clown extra money anyway. Then the phone rings.

Edie is trying to show prospective buyers the Young house. At first she has trouble dispelling the rumors of murder and suicide that has happened in the house but eventually Edie finds a nice older couple that are interested.

Gabby and Carlos go to a Chinese restaurant looking for someone with information on Xiao-Mei's whereabouts. It seems that Gabby got a bit angry and threatened to have Xiao-Mei deported. The lady at the restaurant that Gabby confronts named Li Wang does not sympathise with Gabby and won't offer any information.

Tom is spending time with his new found daughter Kayla. At first she manipulates Tom into coming over to her house to fix the shower and watch a movie. Then while at Lynette's house she accuses Lynette of bruising her arm.

Susan is at the hospital tending to an unconsious Mike. The doctor says that Mike has been in this state for six months and tests show that nothing is changing. Susan says that she refuses to give up hope and shaves Mike's face. Bree is at the hospital visiting a friend.

Alice is at the docto's office thinking something might be wrong with her. As she describes her condition, the doctor explains that it was probably an orgasm Alice experienced.