Sunday, May 14, 2006

Going Away

Just so you know I'll be gone on vacation for about a week and there will not be any updates. When I get back there should be plenty of news about the upfronts and the fall schedule. In case you missed my earlier posting of the upfront schedule I have it posted below. Also in the meantime, here is a repost of the remaining finales that are sceduled to air this season.

2006 Network Upfront Schedule
Monday, May 15th (4pm): NBC
Tuesday, May 16th, (morning): MyNetworkTV
Tuesday, May 16th, (4pm): ABC
Wednesday, May 17th, (4pm): CBS
Thursday, May 18th, (mid to late morning): The CW
Thursday, May 18th, (4pm): FOX

Finale Schedule
May 14 (Sunday): L&O: CI, Malcom, Simpsons, Survivor, West Wing
May 15 (Monday): How I Met YM, Grey's Anatomy, Medium, Prision Break
May 16 (Tuesday): Boston Legal, L&O: SVU, NCIS, Scrubs, The Unit
May 17 (Wednesday): Amazing Race, Bones, CSI: NY, Invasion
May 17 (Continued): America's Next Top Model, Law & Order
May 18 (Thursday): CSI, ER, The OC, Will & Grace, Without a Trace
May 19 (Friday): Close to Home, Conviction, Numbers
May 21 (Sunday): Charmed, Cold Case, Desperate Housewives
May 22 (Monday): 24, Alias, The Apprentice, CSI: Miami, Deal or No Deal
May 22 (Continued): King/Queens, Medium, Old Christine, Two & Half Men
May 23 (Tuesday): House
May 24 (Wednesday): American Idol, Lost
June 4 (Sunday): Big Love, The Sopranos
June 5 (Monday): Everwood