Monday, May 22, 2006

Big Brother All-Stars Voting Update

Its almost time to get out to the polls and vote for your favorite former Big Brother contestant to compete on this season of Big Brother All-Stars. CBS has announced that on Wednesday, June 21st at 8pm eastern there will be a Big Brother preview show where Julie Chen will reveal the 20 candidates to vote for and will kick off the online vote that night. Rumor has it that the top 3 guys and girls with the most votes will be automatically on the show while the producers get to select the other 6 to round out the cast. Here is to hoping that there will be some great people to choose from!

Updating this one day later, I found a list of potential Big Brother All-Stars contestants who will comprise the top 20 for the audience to vote for. This list is not sent in stone as all of these contestants might not have commited to the season yet or CBS may change their minds but here is what the top 20 looks like now. The 5 with * by their name have appeared on another list, alternates perhaps? We'll find out on June 21st.

BB1: George Boswell
BB2: Will Kirby, Mike “Boogie” Malin, Bill “Bunky” Miller, Monica Bailey, Shannon Dragoo*, Sheryl Braxton*
BB3: Lisa Donahue, Danielle Reyes, Marcellas Reynolds
BB4: Jun Song, Erika Landin
BB5: Diane Henry, Jase Wirey, Holly King, Scott Long, Will Wikle*, Lori Valenti
BB6: Ivette Corredero, James Rhine, Ashlea Evans*, Janelle Pierzina, Howie Gordon, Kaysar Ridha, Michael Donnellan*